Travel in Grandeur With a Wedding Limo Service on Your Special Day

September 14th, 2017

Celebrating a wedding calls for consummate multi-tasking skills and the ability to maintain your composure in the midst of, what usually looks like apparent chaos.

Wedding invitations, wedding cake, wedding wine, decorations in the church and hall, the bridal gown, wedding bouquets and myriad other ‘must dos’ dominate your mind and your wallet. Having a great wedding limo service is a blessing because that is one stress ingredient off your mind.

Track Record
The service provider must have not only ample experience in transporting brides and bridegrooms, but also an impeccable track record in safety, security, punctuality and comfort.

The occasion is extraordinarily special and demands the highest quality service in terms of the majesty and elegance of the vehicle, the culture, grace, and discretion of the chauffeur.

A wedding day is made up of hundreds of dynamic events that must be integrated to make one whole.

Ground transportation is just one of these cogs in the wedding day wheel. Of course, you would not want to be tight-fisted when making the arrangements for your wedding day but that is not the same as an unwarranted splurge.

Look for a service provider who offers a short duration package with additional hours tagged on if demanded. Generally, a wedding limo service with a three hours package should be adequate to drive the bride and the bridegroom independently to the wedding ceremony and, thereafter, to the wedding reception.

Alternatively, you could look for a customised package – 2 hours at the commencement and 2 hours on the conclusion of the celebrations.

The limousine will be steered by a chauffeur dressed in a tuxedo and a chauffeur’s hat with a crown and a gleaming visor, and the car will be equipped with bottled water, exquisite champagne, ice cubes, delicate flute glasses and designer folded napkins.

The bridal couple will enjoy the personal but unobtrusive attention of the chauffeur and their every wish will be his command.

The professional service provider will have a wide choice of limousines – Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln Town Car, Yukon GMC and models of Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

Coordinate with the wedding planner to determine the maximum number of people that would have to be ferried in the car for wedding party travel to the photography studio for family photographs, to the reception venue, etc. and hire a limousine with adequate capacity, or perhaps two limousines, one for the bridal couple and another for the immediate family.

Special Guests
There are guests, there are special guests and then there are very special guests. You would not want the last category to stand in line for a town taxi.

The best solution is to arrange for a pick up from the airport by an airport limo service. You could make the reservation on the phone or on the service provider’s website or through a mobile app.
Make sure that you share the flight details of your very special guest with the ground transportation provider, who will track the flight arrival and tweak the pick-up time at the gate to ensure that you do not incur more expenses on waiting time fees than what is essential. You could even choose to have your guest picked up at the curbside outside the airport terminal, though you may prefer to instruct a meet-and-greet service in the baggage claim area (for an additional fee).

Personalised care is the hallmark of excellence in service, and never more so than in providing a wedding limo service because these are memories that last forever and you want the service to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Charity Auction Procurement Idea – Update a Traditional Photography Donation to a Family Photo Party

September 14th, 2017

Photography donations are a long-running staple in many charity auctions. Like other business services, they are best offered in the silent auction (not live auction). Usually the auction donation is a free sitting with one print for a family, a couple, or an individual.

Most of these donated photography services display well. Photographers often provide great images of their work to serve as a prop. But despite the visual appeal, these items rarely sell for top dollar, if at all. In many cases, the item receives no bids.

Rather than offering this package year after year, consider making a thoughtful change to it. Sometimes these packages can sell, but they usually need to be tweaked.

Here’s a suggestion to alter the donation for more bids.

Instead of offering a sitting for a single family, ask the photographer if there’s room for variation. A more popular item is a family photo party.

The gist of this donation is to have several families enjoy the day together. Typically one family with a large home and yard agrees to host the event. It might be a summer BBQ or play date — it’s simply an excuse to get people together.

Up to ten families might attend (visit with the photographer about what is reasonable), socializing at someone’s home. The photographer takes candid shots and more casual family portraits for everybody in attendance.

In one day, all families are photographed, but they aren’t posed shots in a studio.

Here’s the $64,000 question: If a sitting is usually a 3-hour to 4-hour process in the studio, is a photographer willing to visit a home for perhaps a longer day, but have the opportunity to shoot several families in a more candid way?

The advantage of shooting in a studio is that the photographer can control lighting and the weather becomes irrelevant. He might have access to more photography equipment in his studio, too. Shooting outside or in someone’s (large) home is more challenging. But on the flip side, if the photographer is willing to shoot on location, the upside for him is the sale of more lifestyle prints to more families.

Imagine a cute photograph of your daughters swinging on the swingset, or your children playing kickball. Those lifestyle shots are often harder for a parent to capture so they’d be willing to pay for a cute photograph from the photographer.

This results in a win-win-win prospect.

* The photographer wins because they are put in touch with more families to whom they can sell prints. One to three prints might be included in the donation with all others purchased.

* The guests are more likely to bid on the item at the auction because it’s “different,” appealing to their needs and wants. Lifestyle photos taken as party of a family photo party have a better chance of selling than a traditional portraiture item.

* You (the nonprofit) raise more money as bidders compete to buy this donation at your charity auction.

Another thought – you could add a family photo package to an existing auction donation. For example, “You are bidding on the traditional Hawaiian BBQ for 8 families, to be held July 8 at the Smith’s home. Included in this item is a photographer package whereby all families will have the chance to sit for a casual family portrait and have the chance to buy additional candid shots of their children playing throughout the day.”

Talk to your photographer about options.

If you’ve been selling your existing photo packages for good money, don’t change the donation.

But if your photography packages haven’t sold, see what you can do to change it to a family photo party.